Lyne Bnc is a Brussels-based consultant and project/events manager. From the socio-cultural world to the music sector, she has been running events and launching platforms for international NGOs, feminists collectives, LGBTI+ organisations, and many more.

Since 2011, she has been a peace education trainer in CISV France, CISV Belgium and CISV International. In 2019 with CISV International, she was one of the key members of the LGBTQI+ working group, where she created an international analysis strategy for pratices, policies, behavior norms regarding gender and sexual/romantic orientation. Over the course of nine years she ran numerous trainings locally, nationally, and internationally on diversity, human rights, conflict resolution, and sustainable development.

During her time at the ERG art school, she was surrounded by multidisciplinary artists from all realms. With her right arm, she launched ERGOTE Radio, an live radio documenting the creative projects developed by students and teachers. From creating the overall strategy, managing logistics, to establishing prorgramme grids, she helped create the foundation of this radio that still airs to this day. After graduating in Digital Arts, she then enrolled in a Masters in Cultural Management at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, where she wrote her thesis on the first "Women's Culture Heritage Day" of Belgium.

Not afraid of big-scale opportunities, she joined the team of The Belgian Pride asbl for the 2019 edition, the last in-person Pride event in Brussels since the covid-19 pandemic. She then got hired in 2020 to run the 2021 edition as well as working on durable working practices for the ever-changing organisation.

In 2018, she started another path in the music industry, and quickly noticed the lack of women at the early stages of the music world. That was the spark that helped her launch the first Femme Jam Sessions in 2019 (jam session for FINTA people*) in partnership with The Crazy Circle.

She then applied her organisational skills to her passion for music, and supported several musical projects as musician manager. After working with Astrid B., Simon Cornelis, the Bru·X·elles Festival, and Lou K, she now primarly focuses on consulting on the topic of gender-based violence and the place of FINTA* people in the music sector. From February 2022 to February 2024, she created and ran as host the live show She They Sounds on Radio Vacarme, where she interviewed FINTA* people active in the music sector.

She has developped a consulting offer supporting different organisations and structures into identifying their current practices and developping new ones, around the themes of governance, representation, safety and security, accessibility, and job quality.


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